Live Bet Report: UFC 215

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Along with every other event, UFC 215 should provide us with several excellent live betting opportunities. The easiest to spot is the new main event of Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko.

Personally, my lean in this fight is Valentina Shevchenko. But even though Shevchenko is my lean, I do not advise betting her prefight. Amanda Nunes is the best first round fighter the division, and a good chance exists that she finishes this fight early within the first 10 minutes. Additionally, only a very small chance exists that Shevchenko finishes this fight in the first round. Amanda Nunes is also known to fade late into fights, and this was extremely evident during the first fight between these two women. So while a good chance still exists that Nunes dominates the fight early, this is now a 5 round fight, rather than a 3 round fight like their previous bout.

Because of all this, I believe that the best course of action is to bet Amanda Nunes, Nunes winning ITD (or in rounds 1 and 2), or Nunes NSC prefight, and then begin live betting Shevchenko after round 1 or 2, depending on how the fight goes. This way, you protect yourself from the very plausible outcome of Nunes winning in the early rounds without losing any money on a Shevchenko bet, AND you will get Shevchenko at odds better than those available assuming she loses the first round.

This style of betting is proven to be profitable long-term, and provides you with several opportunities to minimize risk and increase profits. There is a good chance that you can freeroll this fight if you choose after round 1, or just play Shevchenko at much better odds than those available. Furthermore, if your lean is Shevchenko, you can still profit off of an early Nunes finish, with the same being true if your lean is Nunes. In the latter scenario, you can now still make money if Nunes does start to fade later in the fight.

I hope everyone has their trigger fingers ready to hit those live bet odds!

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